Fox Chase Away Cancer 5k

(Right before the race!)

This post is long overdue, but (fortunately) life has been significantly more exciting this past week, so I haven’t had much time to blog.

A few weeks ago, I started to think about how I was going into a half-marathon without ever doing any sort of race before. Specifically, I had never done a 5k, which is a race I know I can totally handle. I told my brother I wanted to do one, sometime this summer to give myself some more motivation and prove to myself that I can handle the half (3.1 miles… what’s another 10, right?). He found a 5k that was cosponsored by the hospital my mom was a patient at for a couple of years, which we decided would be perfect—a race that would also help benefit other patients at a hospital in which we had unfortunately spent hours upon hours. I’m certainly no doctor, so if I can help even the smallest bit by running a couple of miles, sign me up! So Brian (my bro), my friend Jess, and I headed down to Jenkintown last Saturday to run my first 5k. It felt great to cross the finish line knowing that I pushed myself to get there. I’m going to be honest, it also made me a teeny tiny bit afraid for the half (10 more miles, really?), but I do know that I will pace myself much better when I know I’m running a longer distance. And, it gave me a nice confidence boost to finish with a time that I felt good about. With just a little over five weeks until the half-marathon, I need to bolster up my confidence and motivation any way I can!


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