Running: Boardwalks and Boredom

(The beach at SIC, 9 a.m. and slightly overcast)

Being on vacation gave me super powers. I don’t think I slept past 9 a.m. all week, and for anyone who knows me, that’s quite the feat. I’m crediting it to the fact that I went to bed before midnight every night, but still. I’m usually extremely unpleasant before 11 a.m.

I also previously posted about how running in the morning is physically impossible for me. But I’m going to retract that statement: I did it! A few times! (YAY go me!) This past week, I woke up early a and went for morning runs on the boardwalk in Sea Isle. Running early helped wake me up and get me ready for the day, plus, I felt so much better that I didn’t have to worry about interrupting beach time later in the day to run. I LOVE running on the boardwalk. There’s always interesting people passing, and tons of things to distract me while I’m running. Plus, the ocean breeze feels amazing, so it’s always much cooler.

With only nine weeks until race time (eek!), I’m trying to take training more seriously and find better motivation. I knew I’d be amped to run while I was down the shore, but now that I’m back home, I need some new things to try. I run the same route most of the time, and I get really bored of it. It’s hard to push myself and go further, because I know how long my path is and there’s nothing new and exciting about it. My new goal is to find new routes and run in new places. When I go for my long run each week, I’m going to use a completely new path that isn’t familiar at all, so that I am more eager to run and push myself. I’m also going to try to get to bed earlier so that I can keep up with the morning runs. It really is relieving to get up and get it done early, so then I’m not dreading it later in the day. Maybe I can get into this pattern and make running an invigorating, healthy start to my day, instead of a chore that I anticipate and complain about all day long.


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