Boardwalk Feast

The other night, we went to the Wildwood boardwalk. Anyone who has been to the Jersey shore knows the kind of food they serve there. It’s basically the most artery-clogging, fattening things you could think of. And it’s all delicious. If you’ve never tried a fried Oreo before, you’re really missing out on the ultimate heart-stopping delicacy. But then again, I’m just a sucker for them. Fried food is my weakness.

Every year when I’m down the shore with the fam, we go get dinner on the boardwalk one night. For boardwalk night this year, I decided I could eat whatever I wanted. I’m training for a half-marathon, I deserve a hefty helping of empty carbs, cheese, salt, and sugar every once and a while as a reward. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So for dinner, I had a jumbo slice of pizza, almost a half of a tub of boardwalk fries covered in salt, vinegar, and ketchup, and a big cone of peanut butter Kohr Bros frozen custard, with chocolate sprinkles. I never eat crap like this. Ever. I also had ice cream at least once every day this past week (whoops?), but I’m pardoning myself yet again with the half-marathon excuse. I’m burning tons of calories, so why not be gluttonous for one night? There’s always next week to be healthy again…

I really have no other point in this post then to brag about my fattening feast. And to tell all of you who have never been to the Jersey shore to go and indulge, because you’re missing out on some high quality comfort foods. You just might not want to wear a bikini after.



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