Strawberry & Basil Margarita

What do you do when you’re in dire need of a cocktail but there are no appropriate ingredients in sight? You throw a bunch of things in a glass, add tequila, and cross your fingers.

I’m spending this week down the shore with my family. And by family I mean my dad’s entire side of the family, so there are 14 of us staying in one house. My aunt Patrice always makes delicious drinks, and my aunt Laura and I are always ready to consume them. Oh and my grandma has the occasional daiquiri or margarita every now and then, too. So while we were trying to figure out what pre-dinner cocktail to make the other night, we noticed that we didn’t have much. We had every type of liquor, but not much in terms of mixers. The we discovered we had plenty of strawberries, and plenty of basil, thanks to my pride and joy: my basil plant. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to grow basil (one of my grand cooking ideas), so my dad and I have been making a joint effort to keep that stupid plant alive. I even brought it to my friend’s house so she could water it while I was away (plant-sitting?). So I brought a little bag of fresh basil with me, which I figured we wouldn’t even use. But when we realized we had no fresh mint, we decided basil would do. The strawberry basil margarita was born.

Since we were skeptical that it would even be drinkable, I did some Pinterest searching. I found a few recipes for basil drinks, and one was a strawberry margarita! We still didn’t have everything that the recipe called for, so we improvised some more. And this is what we came up with. At first, we weren’t sure about the taste, but once we let it sit for a little, the strawberry flavor was stronger and it tasted great!

Make your own Strawberry Basil Margaritas:
Put sliced strawberries, a few basil leaves, splenda, lime juice, club soda, and tequila into a glass. Let it sit for a little while, then add ice and enjoy! I think those frozen strawberries that come in juice would be even better, because you could add the syrupy juice, too, and give it a stronger strawberry flavor. I also saw a recipe that used frozen limeade instead of club soda, so you could try that, too!


One thought on “Strawberry & Basil Margarita

  1. Amy this sounds amazing! I grow basil too, isn’t it the best!? I’m definitely going to try this. I love strawberries, yum yum. Maybe a twist on the strawberry daiquiri can be created out of this.

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