Replace it With Avocado

When I’m lazy in the morning, I forgo any sort of exciting breakfast and just fry up a few eggs and a piece of toast. I love eggs and eat them almost every day, whether just a few eggs over-light or incorporated into an omelette. But every time I have eggs, I obviously have to have toast. Unfortunately, I have a very unhealthy love for cream cheese. I use it instead of butter on toast, which I know isn’t the healthiest. I just can’t help it, I love it.

The other morning, I realized I had a few avocados that were getting too ripe so I needed to use them. I made a little container of guacamole, and then I was inspired to save half an avocado to use on my toast. I’ve used avocado before to replace mayo (another wildly unhealthy condiment that I absolutely can’t get enough of) on turkey sandwiches, and it’s awesome. It gives it a distinct flavor and keeps the sandwich from getting dry like it would without any mayo or mustard. Except avocado is a fruit, and has healthy fats… whereas my beloved mayo and cream cheese both have unhealthy, artery-clogging fats.

So in place of my Philadelphia cream cheese, I smeared some avocado on my toast. Inspired, I put some salsa on top, too, and  turned my boring egg and toast dish into a more flavorful breakfast. I threw the eggs on top, broke the yolk, an ate it as an open-faced sandwich. Yummy. And this doesn’t mean I’m giving up cream cheese forever. I’ll  definitely use it every now and then (it’s a crime to eat an everything bagel without it). But I’m definitely going to substitute avocado every now and then as a healthier, flavorful topping.


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