Amurrica: Beer, Hot Dogs & History

I slacked a little this week with my blogging. Fortunately, I can just say I took my own vacation for the holiday (I’m my own employer, so I can take unlimited vacay time, right?). I celebrated the Fourth of July in the ideal city: Washington, DC. My friend Bern went to American University and still lives in DC for this summer, so my friend Jess and I drove down to visit. Luckily, the power was back on in Bern’s house by Tuesday night (it had been out for three days because of the storm) because it was HOT. We went to a house party all day on the Fourth, and everyone piled inside because it was too unbearable to be outside for more than about three seconds.

So we spent the day celebrating like good Americans should. We drank beer, watched the hot dog eating contest, walked to the convenience store to buy hoagies, Doritos, and more beer, grilled, and played Can Jam when it was cool enough to survive outdoors. And we did it all in t-shirts, lax pinnies, and jean shorts. There was even a brief photo shoot with an American flag. Oh, and a late night trip to McDonald’s, where we stopped to sit on the curb and watch fireworks in the distance.

We decided to stay in DC the next day, too. I’ve been there multiple times, but we usually never go to any monuments or museums. I did all that on a family vacation when I was seven. But, feeling leftover patriotic sentiments from the day before, we decided to hit up a national museum for the day. We went to the National Museum of Natural History (duh, who doesn’t want to see dinosaurs?), and spent two hours there exploring all of the exhibits. Being there reminded me of how much I actually enjoy doing things like that. The last time I went to a museum was last summer when I went to the MoMa. I don’t know how else to explain it except for that I just forget that I enjoy museums. And then once I’m in one, my stifled cultural side pushes its way to the surface.

New goal: make an effort to visit museums more often. I have access to tons of museums in Philly and NYC, and I’m going to start taking advantage of that.

(Washington Monument)

(Fish in the National Museum of Natural history)

(Sea turtle skeleton in the National Museum of Natural history)


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