Love is in the Air

Every Monday morning, I wake up to a Facebook newsfeed full of wedding photos. None of my close friends are getting hitched just yet, but it seems like everyone’s older brothers and sisters are all getting married these days. It’s a strange thing to see, considering that at 22, marriage is still a very, very, very distant thought. Seeing people I know sealing the deal is kind of alarming, showing how real life is here to stay. But at the same time, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Yes, I’m a sappy girl who loves weddings and whose heart melts when she sees a cute couple that is oh so in love. I can’t help it.

This past weekend, I went to an engagement party. My good friend Rob’s older brother recently got engaged, and they threw an amazing engagement party at their house. They have a beautiful backyard with a deck and a lot of yard space behind it. There were caterers, a bar, high-top tables around the yard with cute centerpieces, and a tent that housed large circular tables, a DJ, and a dance floor. Every table had framed photos of Kevin and Steph, including pictures they took together back in high school. It felt more like a wedding reception than an engagement party. Everything was SO well done, and everyone there seemed to have a fantastic time. People were eating and drinking and dancing until after 1 a.m.

They served a special drink at the bar, which the bride-to-be, Steph, called “Lovebird Lemonade.” It was a mixture of pink lemonade, Sprite, and vodka. A lot of vodka. It was so refreshing and delicious. The bartender served it in mason jars with specially made labels on them that read “S+K” (Steph and Kevin) with cute striped straws. Everything was adorable and so well thought out. The classiness was only interrupted by a quick stint by some of the guys, including the groom, who came out dressed in tuxedo t-shirts and danced like fools to “Single Ladies.” Late in the night, after everyone had a few too many drinks, the champagne flowed as everyone toasted to the happy couple.

(Lovebird Lemonade in mason jars)

(The cake surrounded by cupcakes. Flavors included s’mores, Reese’s, and mint chocolate chip. Mmmm)



One thought on “Love is in the Air

  1. i like the phrase, ” a LOT of vodka.” true story. it was fun, definitely! and yes i agree that even though we’re 22, the thought of marriage is like waaaayy lightyears away.

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