Starbucks Fake Out

If you’ve never had a passion tea lemonade from Starbucks, you’ve never truly experienced summer. The mix of passion fruit flavored iced tea and sweet lemonade makes it a perfectly refreshing summer staple. You can get it sweetened, or unsweetened and add Splenda for a sugar-free version that tastes just as good. The only problem? We all know Starbucks’ typical drink to ice ratio, aka you pay $4 for a venti that’s only half full of what you’re actually drinking. As much as I love Starbucks, it irks me when I realize that I’m pretty much paying $2 for ice.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to cheat the system. I’ve started buying the Tazo tea bags and making it myself at home. You can buy them at either Starbucks or the grocery store, and there’s a box specifically for the Iced Passion Tea. Each tea bag makes 2 quarts of tea. I also make a pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade, so that I can mix the two. And the Crystal Light is already really sweet, so you don’t even need to add sugar. Pour the iced tea into a glass with ice and add some lemonade (two thirds tea, one third lemonade). You can always add sugar or a sweetener if you want, but I think it’s sweet enough with just the lemonade.

Tazo also sells tea bags for Iced Green Tea, which is also great mixed with the lemonade.  Relax and enjoy, and pat yourself on the back for saving a few bucks.


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