Cycling Craze

I’m currently experimenting with different types of cross-training and trying to decide what I like best for training. Last week, I did an Insanity workout with some friends. As promised, it was pretty tough, and I felt like a got a solid workout. But I don’t think that I want to buy the whole system to use, especially because I only plan on doing cross-training two days per week, and the program is meant to be used daily.

In my attempts to find something I like and can stick with, I decided to try out the cycling class at my gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The first time I went I didn’t feel like I got an intense workout, but this past Tuesday night was a strength and endurance ride, and I was sweating just as much as I do during a long run. I’m going to keep trying to go to the classes when my schedule permits, because I actually did enjoy it. It’s also nice to take a class, especially on a day when you aren’t really in the mood to work out, because someone else is pushing you to do it. Cycling is also what you make of it since you can up the resistance on your own, so I’m planning on just making sure I make it as intense as I need to feel sufficiently challenged.

The whole point of cross-training is to keep building endurance while giving your joints a rest from the pressure and stress they endure on a run. Cycling is perfect, because there is zero impact or pressure on your ankles and knees, so you work your muscles and get a cardio workout without hurting yourself. For me, the extra push from an instructor and a classroom full of fellow participants is what I need to keep me going when I’m feeling especially tired or lazy (which happens WAY too often). Going for a run alone, you are your sole motivator. It’s encouraging every once and a while to have someone else cheering and pushing you along.


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