12-Week Countdown

This past Sunday marked exactly 12 weeks until race day, so I’m officially in training mode! I’ve been making sure to run regularly and slowly increase my mileage, but now I have to actually enforce some structure (wah). All of the training schedules I’ve come across online advise two days of running, two days of cross training, two days of rest, and one day for an extra long run. It’s so much easier to do all of this when it’s nice out, and I’m hoping that these sweltering hot days are over. I tried the whole waking up and running in the morning deal, but it absolutely does not work for me. I’m too addicted to caffeine (whoops?) so running before I have any in my body just gives me a headache. Plus, my body sends me a very clear message before 11 a.m. that it is still attempting to wake up and that physical activity is not an option. Because of my innate inability to become a morning person, I’ve been waiting until around 7 pm to run. The sun is finally low enough in the sky so I can go for a run without dying of heat exhaustion.

I’ve also been contemplating when I will need new running shoes. I’m sure I’ll need them before September, but I don’t want to get them too close to the race since I want them to be broken in. Yesterday, I received a sign that I need new shoes, and I need them ASAP:

If I were to design myself a pair of running shoes, this is exactly what they would look like. Literally my dream sneaker. I saw them at the mall yesterday, and I can’t stop thinking about them (pathetic? yes. but true). Plus, I love my Asics, and Kayanos are supposed to be awesome. The downside? They’re $150. Womp womp. So now I’m debating whether or not I actually NEED them, or just want them really really really really (…) really really badly. Might be worth spending some graduation money on… If anyone wants to buy them for me in honor of my hard work to train for this, I wouldn’t be mad.


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