Product Review: Fekkai Marine Summer Hair

If you’re looking for some new hair products to try this summer, check out Fekkai’s Marine Summer Hair line. I’m in love with the Beachcomber Leave-In Conditioner, which unfortunately is discontinued. I’m so bummed because I’ve started using it a lot this summer, and I’m dreading the day I run out. The leave-in conditioner detangles and moisturizes hair, leaving it silky smooth. It also has UV protectors in it, so it helps protect your hair from UV damage. AND it smells amazing, like coconut. I’m currently searching for other similar products that I can try when this spray can of gold finally runs dry.

Fortunately, the line has four other products to try: beach waves spray, an anti-frizz cream, and a cooling shine mist. If any of them are as great as the conditioner, then they’re also worth the pricey $25. I also have the Beach Waves spray, which I really like. It adds great texture and is pretty effective in creating salty, beach waves. My hair is super straight, so I need to use product if I want to successfully pull of the “natural” beach waves look. You spray it onto dry or damp hair (I always do it when my hair is still damp), and then twist and tousle your hair to make waves and let it dry naturally. I use salt spray to do my hair usually when I’m down the shore, so that I don’t need to worry about drying or brushing my hair. It’s easy to just spray and go. And honestly, it’s going to get messed up and salty any way, so what’s the point in doing it any other way? If you hit the beach with pre-tousled waves, there’s no need to stress over the wind, salt, and sand that will inevitably end up tangled in it later. I’m a big fan of the side braid on the beach, and my hair stays put better when it’s thicker and more texturized from salt spray.

Got any great summer hair products? Share them, I’d love some recs!


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