Networking Events

Tomorrow night, I’m going to an SU networking event for recent grads in Philly, called SUccess in the City. Next week, I’m going to the same event but in NYC. Attending both might seem a teeny bit excessive, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. These events can be slightly intimidating, because it’s difficult to strike up a conversation with an established professional at a big shot company that you daydream about working for. But, as much as I think it’s a little unnatural, these events are necessary. And someone must make connections and find jobs through them, otherwise why would SU keep hosting them? I’m pretty lucky that SU supports recent grads and makes it easier to be proactive about finding a job. I’ll take all the opportunities I can. You can never know too many people, and I’m always up for some social time… Hopefully, I can be one of the chosen ones who form a life-changing connection at a networking event. So, time to throw together a business casual outfit that won’t suffocate me in the 100 degree weather we’re supposed to have tomorrow, whip up some “networking cards” (business cards for people who don’t really have any sort of position at any sort of business), apply my most professional nail polish, and get ready for an evening at the swanky Pyramid Club. See ya in 24 hours, Philly!

[blouse: Express. skirt and flowery top: Forever 21. shoes: Candies. necklace: H&M. nail polish: Lady Like by Essie.]


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