Greek Goodness

I love Greek yogurt. When Chobani first became popular, I wasn’t a huge fan the first time I tried it. I actually thought it was gross and preferred to stick to my Light ‘n Fit yogurt. Now, I think regular yogurt tastes like water, and I stick to Greek. The thickness, which is what I hated about it so much at first, is the reason I love it now. I usually buy the individual serving sized cups in different flavors (strawberry banana is by far my fave), but I started buying large containers of plain. Alone, it’s pretty gross. Plain Greek yogurt is bitter and kind of unappetizing, in my opinion. BUT, with the proper mix-ins, it’s delicious and healthier than the sugary flavored alternatives.

Here are some Greek yogurt concoctions to try:

1. Smoothies—Using Greek yogurt makes them thicker and creamier (mmm) without adding extra ice, so it doesn’t get watered down or too melty. Slice and freeze some fresh fruit and throw that, along with plain Greek yogurt, into a blender. My favorite: yogurt, strawberries, bananas, and a little bit of orange juice. It makes a filling smoothie, perfect for a light and healthy breakfast.
2. Mixing in toppings—Think froyo, but minus the frozen part. Spoon some Greek yogurt into a bowl, and add any combo of honey, cut up fruit, and/or granola. Craving dessert? Top your yogurt with your favorite combo of chocolate chips, fruit, and crushed candy bits. Or, make yourself a parfait with fruit and granola. My favorite: yogurt, honey, and sliced peaches.
3. Yogurt covered anything—My friend Margo found a recipe on Pinterest to make yogurt covered banana pops. You can also slather it on berries, pretzels, raisins… anything your heart desires.
4. Dips—Greek yogurt makes a great sub for mayo. Use it to make less fatting versions of your favorite dips and dressings. My favorite: Tzatziki sauce. The yogurt isn’t a mayo substitute in this case, but this dip goes well with so many things. Use it in pitas and gyro sandwiches, or just as a veggie dip. See this post for a quick and easy recipe. I suggest blending all ingredients in a food processor or blender though to make the dip smoother.

Got any yummy Greek yogurt recipes? Share them below, I’d love to try them!


One thought on “Greek Goodness

  1. The irony here is that I literally just got home from making Donna take me to the grocery store to buy more Chobani so I can teach her how to make smoothies… definitely going to show her some of these mixes!

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