Bieber Fever

In honor of the Justin Bieber tickets I failed miserably at buying (since a million other people were trying at the same time and were lucky enough to get tickets within the 5 minutes it took to sell out) I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to the newly leaked songs from his upcoming album. I know what you’re thinking: you’re 22, and you wanted to go to see J Biebz? The answer is a big, resounding “hell yeah,” with a just as obnoxious, “sorry I’m not sorry.” I don’t care that he’s four years my junior. He has an awesome voice and makes catchy, fun songs. For anyone who doubts his talents as an artist, stop what you’re doing immediately and watch Never Say Never. It will completely change your perspective. I’m still not completely over my dreams of drinking one too many Bud Lights and breaking it down in a crowd filled with 8-year-old girls plus my four friends and me. It sounds like a perfect evening, and I’m still mad at the internet for not being advanced enough to host hundreds of thousands of visitors on one site without freezing up. Comcast Tix, there’s gotta be a better method that won’t disappoint young hopefuls (slightly pathetic college grads) like me.

So back to the music. We’ve all heard and loved Boyfriend, considering it’s on every radio station approximately 15 times per hour. But here are a few new ones, which I learned about via Entertainment Weekly, with some all-star appearances:
1. Beauty and a Beat feat. Nicki Minaj—As if young girls everywhere didn’t already want to kill Selena Gomez. Nicki makes it a point to throw her name in her rap section, clearly showing us that Selenababy is the “beauty” Biebz is referring to. I was so pumped to see Nicki on this track, but her part isn’t too impressive. Still, the song’s upbeat and catchy. If you took the words out and just played the music at some parts, you’d think it was some sort of house music techno song and not JB.
2. As Long as You Love Me feat. Big Sean—More house music beats… transitioning from pop to dubsteb now, Biebz? And is it just me, or does his voice sound even lower than usual? The lyrics are kind of boring and repetitive (typical), but I can see this song being awesome as a club remix. I think I could break it down to this.
3. Right Here feat. Drake—So as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a full version of this song. But from the 30 second preview, it sounds very Drake-ish. I like it. No head pounding beats in the background. It’s much slower, and I’m imagining it will have a better range of vocals than the more dancey numbers.

You can find these if you search them in YouTube, but they might be taken down for copyright by the time you read this, which is why I’m not linking to any one in particular. Or, you can be patient and wait until Believe drops on June 18.


One thought on “Bieber Fever

  1. The one with Nicki is obvs my fave.
    Side note- I better be one of the girls going with you to the concert. The only time I will tolerate children is at a Biebz concert.

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