The Best Summer Reads

During my morning news reading (Twitter surfing), I stumbled upon this awesome infographic. I’m always looking for new books to read… What better way to pass the time than getting lost in a book? A few hours can go by easily before you look at your phone and realize you’ve done nothing but lie on the sofa and read a book all day. At least you stretched your mind and learned something, right? Even if you just now have something new to talk about at dinner parties, I’d say that’s more productive than watching TV or (s)talking on Facebook for five hours. Except lately, every time I ask someone for a book recommendation, the only thing they can think to say is, “Oooh, did you read Fifty Shades of Grey yet?” Thank you for the rec, but there has to be more than ONE decent book circulating the country right now.

This flow chart from gives book recommendations from every genre, divided into descriptive categories, so it’s easy to find something that sounds intriguing. I recognize a few of these books because I either read them in middle school or high school, or was supposed to read them and read the Sparknotes instead. I think I’m going to read some of the classic fiction books that I haven’t and feel like I should… I’m definitely going to reread The Great Gatsby since I don’t remember details and the movie looks amazing (Leo is in it, so I wouldn’t expect anything less). My Kindle Fire, my latest most prized possession and technological obsession, is going to be working in overdrive. Thank you Galleycat for tweeting about this!

If you’ve read an awesome book lately, let me know about it! Or if you’ve read any of the ones on the chart which are worth reading, I’d love some suggestions on where I should start.

Summer Reading Flowchart

Via and USC Rossier Online


One thought on “The Best Summer Reads

  1. I read The Art of Racing in the Rain when I got home from the hospital. It was really good! Didn’t take too long to read either. 2 afternoons, I think? I’ve read Beastly too, and that has a movie coming out (or it already did? Not sure) so that could be a good one to read!

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