Half-Marathon Hype

I’m proud to announce that I am officially registered for the Philly Half-Marathon on September 16!

After an ongoing debate of whether or not I really thought I could physically get to that point in only three months, my brother convinced me that I could and would do it. His encouragement (bribery) was that his graduation gift to me was to pay my registration fee. I was back and forth about it for a while, but I decided, what the hell… if I’m not working, I might as well spend my time training. Dad’s commentary via text: “Of course if u sign up it will be a great motivator. At least u will be in good shape even if u don’t run. That may be worth the sign up fee.” Not sure if I’m encouraged by that, or a little offended that he thinks I need to get in better shape. A later text of “U go girl!” was slightly more reassuring.

So now begins my conscious decision to train for this thing. I must bid farewell to my days of avoiding running just because I’m not in the mood, and instead welcome a new mindset from now until September: laziness is not an excuse. My new mantra: “It’ll be beyond embarrassing when you’re the last person to cross the finish line, Amy, so get off your lazy ass and go for a run.”


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