Pastel Polishes

The one thing I do NOT need more of is nail polish. Except I also have a huge weakness when it comes to pretty new polish colors, so I end up buying new ones all the time. My newest jam is the pastel trend. The colors remind me of yummy ice cream flavors, which obvi can put anyone in a summery state of mind. Plus, pastels look awesome against tan skin. And they aren’t too bold or over the top like neon shades can be. I have a few shades of pastel pinks already (I can never get enough pink polish), but I wanted to try a few new colors.

On my latest compulsive shopping trip, I bought two new China Glaze colors: Lemon Fizz and Re-fresh Mint. I did a quick color test to see what they looked like on, so excuse the shoddy, uneven polish job. This is also without top coat, so I imagine they’ll be a little brighter and shinier.

I was a little hesitant to buy a yellow nail polish, but it’s not too bright, and I actually really like how it looks. I’m really excited to wear both! If you’ve got any favorites, let me know… I’m always just itching to buy new colors.


3 thoughts on “Pastel Polishes

  1. I don’t like to imagine, wishing the top coat was on so I knew what it really looked like. JK

    BTW, stealing these colors when I come visit. (not jk)

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